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ASGCO® Products Solve Fugitive Material Containment Problems at a Northwestern Coal Fired Power Plant

Northwestern Coal Fired Power Plant

ASGCO® Tru-Trainer® series of conveyor belt tracking idlers, Impact Cradle Beds”‘, X-Wear”‘ (AR) Internal Skirtboard Liners & Clamp-Mount”‘ Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System with Tri-Seal”‘

To contain the fugitive material by reducing airborne dust, controlling spillage and reducing or eliminating housekeeping issues.

This northwestern coal fired power plant was experiencing tremendous amounts of coal escaping through the load zone area. There were several issues that needed attention. The belt was mis-tracking in the impact area of the load zone and it was not fully supported due to impact rollers being used. Both situations resulted in excess spillage and airborne dust.  Read moreRead more


Conveyor Mis-Alignment Inefficiencies at Mining Operations and Bulk Shipping Terminals are Solved


Conveyor efficiency, safety and productivity are critical components to any mining operations or bulk shipping terminal.  Therefore conveyor belt mis-tracking or mis-alignment can be a major concern. 

The problem, as shown in the pictures of the right, conventional training idlers are not effective.  Some of the problems are; the side-guide rollers and exposed center pivot will seize, which can creates sever belt edge damage, the trainer in most cases is tied off in one direction therefore not allowing the trainer to actuate when need and lastly conventional tracking idlers will not work on reversing conveyor systems.  On one particular reversing conveyor system the customer had a conveyor belt mis-alignment switch sending and alarm nearly every day.



After a complete survey of the conveying systems and the biggest problems were identified, it was recommended to the customer that they install ASGCO Tru-Trainer® series of conveyor belt tracking idlers approximately 20’-30’ (7m-10m) prior to any conveyor pulley.  After the installation of the Tru-Trainers the customer has not had a single belt mis-alignment alarm on any conveyor that now has a Tru-Trainer; including the reversing conveyors.

The Tru-Trainer series of Conveyor Belt Tracking idlers employs a patented, unique highly effective tracking action, which in non-damaging to the conveyor belt and reacts immediately if the belt begins to steer off center.  Because it does not rely on contact with the belt edge in order to guide the belt, belt edge damage which frequently occurs with conventional tracking systems, is avoided.



ASGCO – Troughing Tru-Trainer® Conveyor Belt Tracking System

Troughing Tru-Trainer

ASGCO Troughing Tru-Trainer®


This copper mill facility was processing crushed ore the consistency of sand. They were using conventional guide roller trackers that kept failing. Due to the design of the guide rollers they continually came in contact with the belt’s edge which made them slow to react and caused premature “side wear” on the belt. The operators were prone to “tying the guide rolls off” which eliminated “the ability for it to train/align the belt.” Also, “build-up” of carry-back on the external pivot caused freeze-up (stop working) making it vulnerable to the elements of the harsh environment.


Install ASGCO 36” Troughing Tru-Trainer® prior to where the problem of miss alignment occurred on the “load-carrying side of the belt.” Conventional training devises utilize “guide rolls” that cause premature belt wear and are slow to react to belt miss tracking. At no time does the ASGCO Troughing Tru-Trainer wing’s contact the belt’s edge.


ASGCO Tru-Trainer Troughing Idler’s unique center roller does all the belt’s steering. It’s quicker to react than conventional trainers with guide rolls. The internal sealed pivot was protected from the harsh elements and fugitive build-up in the copper mill, which caused the other conventional guide roller pivots to “freeze up” and not perform. ASGCO’s Tru-Trainer Troughing Idler’s superior belt tracking performance is saving them money due to less spillage, less downtime and less belt wear.


ASGCO® Safe-Guard™ Return Idler Cage Solves Safety Issues

ASGCO Safe-Guard Return Idler Cage


This coal mine facility faced many challenges, as all bulk handling facilities do. Overcoming obstacles in improving the safety of their conveyor system was a top priority. These type of conveyor systems have tendency to mis-track causing the belt to cut into the hanging metal brackets holding the return roller in place. If and when the bracket gives way, the large return roller will be sent tumbling downward, creating a dangerous safety hazard.


After a thorough inspection of the conveyor it was pointed out that in addition to resolving the belt mis-tracking issue, there needed to be further changes made to ensure safety in the workplace and to comply with OSHA and MSHA requirements. It was recommended that they install ASGCO Safe-Guard Return Idler Cages to protect the return rollers and objects from falling, preventing injuries to workers and equipment.


ASGCO Safe-Guard Return Idler Cages were installed in the work areas and along the roadways to catch the return rollers if they fell. This brought the conveyors into compliance with MSHA title 30 regulations and helped the mine to reach its safety compliance goal! The customer was very pleased with the success.


ASGCO Tru-Trainer® Belt Tracking Idler Solves Tracking Problem on FGD Scrubbing Conveyor



The customer is a larger coal burning power plant that has had FGD Scrubber Conveyors in service for many years to help control the plants emissions. The product that is being conveyed is a synthetic gypsum product that is either conveyed or shipped to a nearby gypsum board plant. This product is very sticky and corrosive and builds up on the conventional return idlers and return trainers. This causes the belt to mis-track and rub the conveyor structure.


After ASGCO representatives surveyed the conveyor and pointed out some of the problems that were causing the belt mis-tracking, the benefits of installing two return Tru-Trainers to help keep the conveyor belt centered on the conveyor were discussed.


After installing the Tru-Trainers the belt immediately centered itself on the conveyor system. The customer watched the performance of the Tru-Trainer Flat Return Idlers and was extremely impressed.


ASGCO Providing Solutions to Sulphur Processing Plant’s Transfer Conveyor’s Belt Tracking Challenges

ASGCO Flat Tru-Trainer

A sulphur processing plant was having difficulty tracking their 24” transfer belt due to conveyor miss alignment and unleveled conveyor structure. These issues were causing short belt life, structural damages and loading challenges ultimately creating down time and costing precious operating moneys.

ASGCO created a sound solution to the customer’s tracking challenges by advising the need of leveling the conveyor’s structure and properly aligning the tail pulley. After structural corrections and pulley adjustments were made, we installed the ASGCO 24” Tru-Trainer “top-side pushing down”, (8’) prior to the tail pulley. This distance and mounting configuration allowed for the Tru-Trainer to mechanically train the belt from the “clean-side”(i.e. no material accumulation on the trainer’s lagging) and, gave the Tru-Trainer ample belt length to track prior to the transition of the pulley. The end performance: The ASGCO Tru-Trainer is now centering the transfer belt prior to the loading of material and keeping the belt from wandering thus eliminating costly conveyor structural damage.

Industry: Sulphur Palletizer and Sulphur Storage Processing
Application: Transfer Conveyor
Product: Sulphur Pallets
Objective: Conveyor Belt Tracking

Conveyor: 75 ft. long; 10% incline; 24-inch wide belt; 25-degree troughing idlers; conveyor runs intermittently

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Redesign of a PRB Coal-Fired Power Plant Conveyor Transfer System Improves Conveyor Belt Tracking and Reduces Airborne Dust


This coal fired power plant burning PRB coal had a serious dusting problem at a primary underground transfer point.  The 72” conveyors were handling a varying load from 0 to 3600 ton per hour at 650 feet per minute.  The existing chute design caused extensive dusting, internal liner wear as well as material spillage and receiving conveyor belt mis-tracking due to off center loading with varying loads as well as belt cover wear.


The existing transfer chute was modeled and re-designed using ASGCO’s 3-DEM material modeling software, to allow the coal flow to smoothly transfer from the supply conveyor to the center of the receiving conveyor.  This new design eliminated the off center loading conditions due to the varing coal load which cause belt mis- tracking and material spillage.  The new design loads the coal onto the receiving belt directly in the center and flows in the direction of belt travel.  Airborne dust and spillage is virtually eliminated with this new design.  Clampmount skirting, dust curtains and Slide-N-Roll support beds further aid in the  elimination of any fugitive dust and carryback and helped make this project a great success.


The newly installed transfer chute with a hood and centering spoon now operates with improved coal flow without buildup, spillage or any significant amount of airborne dust.  The receiving belt now tracks centered on the conveyor system regardless of the varying load condition.  This successful project once again proved that ASGCO can provide a “Complete Conveyor Solution”.


Industry: PRB Coal Fired Power Plant
Application: Underground 72”Conveyor Transfer Chute and Load Zone
Material: PRB / Sub-Bituminous Coal 3″ minus
Product: 3-DEM Chute Analysis, Redesign, Fabrication and Installation
Objective:  Improve material flow, reduce airborne dust, eliminate off center loading and cover wear on the receiving belt

Conveyor #1 (Feed Conveyor)
Width / 72 inch
Speed / 650 FPM
Incline / 0 deg
TPH / Variable 0 to 3500

Conveyor #2 (Receiving Conveyor)
Width / 72 inch
Speed / 640 FPM
Incline / 14.1 deg
TPH / Variable 0 to 3500


Return Roll Changer on a conveyor belt

ASGCO Return Roll Changers Provide Safety for Conveyor Maintenance Crews

At this copper mining operation, the return idlers that track the belt on the conveyor system were very hard to access. The only way to change the idlers on this 36” wide conveyor belt, was to clear out all of the material on the ground and rent a 135’ man lift to access the conveyor belt tracking return idlers. Read moreRead more


Ready Mix Plant Improves Production by Solving Conveyor Belt Tracking Problem

A ready-mix plant had difficulty properly tracking the vital conveyor belt that feeds the mixer. The problem was essentially that the conveyor belt was difficult to keep in alignment, which caused serious belt edge damage, and in turn de-lamination and spillage in the conveyor load zone. Read moreRead more

Tru-Trainer belt alignment

Tru-Trainers Reduce Conveyor Downtime


Challenge: Problems of continuous misalignment on a short reversing feeder conveyor belt was causing severe damage to the belts. These were replaced monthly at a cost of $741 USD/each belt, however, down time is $73,059 USD per hour and the replacement of this belt needs a time of 4 hours. That is the equivalent to $292,237 USD of downtime related to the conveyor. Read moreRead more