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New Conveyor Technology Improves Environmental, Safety and Productivity for Bulk Material

  • Industry: Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Product: ASGCO® Pro-Zone modular conveyor belt load zone system
  • Objective: Provide the latest conveyor technology and engineering to solve a coal dust and spillage environmental concerns and increase productivity.

In today’s coal fired power plants, it is important to keep coal dust and coal spillage in the load zone area to a minimum. Many plants struggle to keep these areas clean, due to not having enough time or man power to properly adjust skirt rubber or fix holes in the chutes. Around many load zone areas you will usually find coal piles in between troughing idlers and on the floor. This coal spillage is expensive to remove and if not properly fixed the coal piles will reoccur again and again. Read moreRead more

World Coal - June 2012 Cover

Improving Conveyor Belt Tracking and Reducing Airborne Dust on a Re-design of a PRB Coal-Fired Power Plant Conveyor Transfer System

By Phil Wowak and Aaron Gibbs
Article Published in World Coal – June 2012

One of the big challenges to the safe conveying of coal, especially sub-bituminous coal such as that from the Powder River Basin (PRB), is dealing with the fuel’s high concentration of fine dust. The presence of this dust, combined with PRB coal’s high moisture content (20- 30% ), raises the risk of spontaneous combustion. Properly designed, maintained and operated conveyer belt systems play a major role in the safe handling of PRB coal.

Particular attention must be paid to cleaning because the buildup of dust on and along conveyors and transfer points poses safety problems. However, even fanatical cleaning is no substitute for a well-designed and operated coal conveying system. There are three major areas of concern to minimize dusting and spillage on a typical conveyor:

• Load zone transfer points.
• Discharge point belt cleaners.
• Belt tracking.

Read the full article published in the June issue of World Coal magazine.

ASGCO Dry Wipe Belt Cleaner

ASGCO Dry Wipe secondary belt cleaner wipes your conveyor belt dry.

The ASGCO® Dry Wipe Conveyor Belt Cleaner is designed to be the final cleaner in a cleaning system on the conveyor belt. When there is still water remaining on the belt after the primary and secondary cleaners have done their job, this can cause a mess along the belt line. The squeegee effect of the Dry Wipe Cleaning system can wipe the belt dry.

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Implementing a plan for proper Load Zone operation

Today’s aggregate industry is filled with challenges. Foremost, to produce enough aggregate for cement, asphalt and other products for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and infrastructures. Also, operators must address environmental responsibility concerns that dictate the use of best practices to protect both natural resources and future generations of citizens.
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Image of a conveyor belt cleaner in application in a quarry

Conveyor belt pre-cleaning with Skalper

It is common for a poorly designed, engineered, or aging conveyor belt system to generate 1% to 3% carry- back or spillage. This massive amount of fugitive material results in unnecessary manual labor and clean-up expense. Read moreRead more