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Copper Mine Solves High Wear Areas with Armorite™

A copper mine was experiencing high wear in their “pant-leg” conveyor chute liners. A combination of abrasive material and high tonnages were the major factors in why the mine was getting only 4-5 weeks from their current wear liners (1” thick AR500 plates). The material being conveyed and transferred is 2½” minus crushed copper ore (105#/cuft @ 2.5% moisture) at a rate of 6800 TPH.

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Eliminate Slippage and Excess Wear with Arrowhead Ceramic Lagging

Objective – Reduce wear on pulleys and provide effective coefficient of friction between the drive pulley and the conveyor belt within the copper ore transfer – from mine to leaching area.

The conveyor is 54” wide, handling 5500 tons per hour @ 15% moisture. With Copper ore 3” minus traveling to leaching area.

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Wear Liners – Extending the life of your conveyor

Bulk handling conveyor belts have many applications in today’s mining and quarry industries. Because of their reliability, versatility, and range of capacities;  belt conveyors are the most common type of bulk handling conveyor belt system. Wear Liners are designed to be an integral part of any bulk handling conveyor system. They eliminate spillage and prolong skirt board and belt life; by preventing fugitive material from escaping, damage is prevented to the conveyor loading areas. Read moreRead more


3-DEM Solves a Major Transfer Chute Problem

Challenge: This transfer point was a major problem area for the coal company. While in reclaiming operation, the chute would build up and plug when running wet coal or during freezing conditions. Chute heaters, vibrators and internal baffles were added but the problem still remained. Due to the angle of discharge onto the 60” receiving conveyor, off center loading caused serious belt miss-tracking and constant spillage.
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