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May 3, 2011

Conveyor Guarding : Safety is a way of Life

Conveyor Safety Equipment collage

ASGCO’s Conveyor Belt Guarding products have one, top priority in mind – employee safety. Maximizing years of collected data on workplace accidents, our conveyor guarding equipment is innovative in it’s design and can be customized to fit any application.

Each year workers are injured, sometimes fatally, because the appropriate guarding is not in place to protect unsafe areas of the conveyor. A good safe-guarding system eradicates the possibility of the operator (or any employee) coming dangerously close to hazardous moving parts. In general, the areas require conveyor guarding are as follows;

  • The point of operation where labor is preformed on material.
  • On a power transmission mechanism that supplies energy to the conveyor.
  • Any moving parts on the conveyor while it is in operation.

Designed to prevent injuries from contact with pinch points and with other dangerous moving machine parts, ASGCO’s MSHA accepted products are vital to ensure employee safety and prevent injuries. Our conveyor guarding and safety equipment delivers safety, versatility as well as rock solid construction.

Our Conveyor Guarding products include;

The Return Roll Changer Conveyor Guard supplies pinch point protection for maximizing safety and eliminating the need for high-lift equipment.

Safe-Guard Belt Clamps are a patented positive tensioning system conveyor guarding, that applies even tension across the entire width of the belt.

Safe-Guard Return Idler Guard is our innovative return idler conveyor guard that has been awarded a U.S. patent; uniquely designed and engineered to prevent injuries from pinch points and to catch the return idler if it should fall.

V-Return Idler Conveyor Guard protects workers and equipment from falling idlers. It’s durable UHMW slotted cage stops material buildup and offers easy access for belt maintenance.

Return Idler Conveyor Guarding Cage is designed to catch the return idler if it would become unseated. This immensely reduces the risk of parts falling onto unsuspecting workers or equipment, preventing injuries and down time.

Modular Conveyor Flat Guards is a modular guard mounted on the conveyor to guard against moving equipment.


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