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January 2, 2011

Solving a PRB Power Plant Carry-Back Challenge


Challenge: Material Carry-back and Dust

While discussing the challenges with key employees, and doing a thorough analysis of the plant, we discovered some of the problems that were occurring, including; issues with conveyor belts not getting cleaned properly as well as tensioning systems on the primary belt cleaners locking up (or taking a set) and causing major material carry-back problems within the plant.

Conveyor belt cleaner retro-fitted

ASGCO Skalper IV blade retro-fitted to the older style belt cleaner system.

This PRB coal-fired power plant is located along the Ohio River Valley and transports approximately 5 million tons of coal a year over 60 conveyors. It unloads coal from a river barge and rail-car unloading system then conveys to directly to the plant or to the stock piles for later use.

Solution: After listening to the customer’s problems and concerns, our Master Distributor and Territory Manager surveyed all the conveyors and inspected the existing belt cleaners. We found that they either needed to replace some of the older style belt cleaners and or come up with replacement blades that would fit all of their systems, and replace the other belt cleaner systems that were not working properly or consistently. With the help of ASGCO’s engineering department we were able to manufacture a replacement belt cleaner blade that would fit all types of primary cleaners the plant was using, and replacement blades were now available for existing or new equipment.

Image of Skalper IV Conveyor Belt Cleaning Blade

ASGCO Skalper IV Blade

The Supervisor stated that he prefers the ASGCO Skalper IV belt cleaning systems with the EZ Torque tensioning system. The tensioning system incorporates a patented stainless steel spring tensioner that maintains consistent tension throughout the entire life of the belt cleaner blade, no matter the weather conditions. An improvement over the other style of belt cleaner they had been using. He also stated that the rubber coupling on the older style belt cleaner didn’t last, locked up and takes a set after a short time, therefore requiring several adjustments over the life of the belt cleaner blade, which was unacceptable.

The power plant has switched entirely to ASGCO’s primary belt cleaner systems throughout the plant and with the help of our full service distributor, they have put together a maintenance plan to change out the older style belt cleaners on a monthly basis. They will continue to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the power plant is operating the cleanest conveyor belts with the least amount of carry-back and dust, saving time and money for the company.

conveyor belt cleaning system

Skalper IV primary belt cleaning system cleaning PRB coal off the conveyor belt

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