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June 20, 2011

Copper Mine Solves High Wear Areas with Armorite™


A copper mine was experiencing high wear in their “pant-leg” conveyor chute liners. A combination of abrasive material and high tonnages were the major factors in why the mine was getting only 4-5 weeks from their current wear liners (1” thick AR500 plates). The material being conveyed and transferred is 2½” minus crushed copper ore (105#/cuft @ 2.5% moisture) at a rate of 6800 TPH.

As an initial solution the customer installed AR500 1” thick cast type liner instead of original AR400, 1” thick. The result was that the customer experienced a “longer” life out of the AR500 cast liners (approximately 3-4 weeks total life versus the AR400) but still NOT what they were expecting. The AR500 liner life was 7-10 days maximum. The liners were being changed out EVERY down day (7 day interval) due to excessive wear. Unscheduled down time due to wear continued to be an issue in this application.

conveyor wear plateSolution:
ASGCO Armorite™ 700 was selected for a 6 month test.  After 12 months the Armorite 700 conveyor wear liners were still in service with little signs of wear.  The customer stated that our wear liner products exceeded all expectations and are currently reviewing all other high wear areas on the conveyor system for ASGCO to solve.

ASGCO Armorite™ 700 is a combination of high chromium and molybdenum white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel plate. Armorite provides mazimum protection in high water areas, with the mild steel backing cushioning the white iron enabling it to withstand impact. Armorite is easily weldable with minimal preparation.

wear liners on a conveyor systemThe customer has standardized on the Armorite 700 product in this application on all sizes of wear liners, and has mentioned that the cost savings in maintenance out weighs the additional cost of the product a minimum of 10 fold.

They have now gone to a visual inspection of the tripper “pant-leg” once a month, instead of daily as previously required with the competitor’s liners.

These results have been typical in most applications where Armorite has been installed, with a minimum life of 6-8 times that of AR500.

Copper Mining

Copper Ore Tripper
(2260TRP001) / Tertiary
Crusher Feed System

2½” minus Secondary
Crushed Copper Ore

Material Spec:
105#/cuft @ 2.5% moisture


Liner Installation Location:
Tripper Car “Pant Leg” Chutes

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