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February 8, 2011

Conveyor belt pre-cleaning with Skalper

Image of a conveyor belt cleaner in application in a quarry

It is common for a poorly designed, engineered, or aging conveyor belt system to generate 1% to 3% carry- back or spillage. This massive amount of fugitive material results in unnecessary manual labor and clean-up expense.

An impact of the carry-back and spillage problem is increasing the need for maintenance due to damaged conveyor belts. Heavy lifting can be avoided because of the need forĀ  material handling cleanup and lifting of conveyor parts.

Eliminating carry-back and spillage can result in 85% less conveyor maintenance costs. By reducing this fugitive material from 3% to 1%, a 67% reduction in conveyor belt maintenance can be expected.

Less maintenance, clean-up, and manual material handling, translates to less wasted man hours, fewer injuries and workmans compensation expense from heavy-lifting and repetitive motion claims of injury.

Removing carry back effectively, and efficiently, the Skalper conveyor belt cleaner with E-Z Torque Tensioner, are a simple yet highly effective solution.

The Skalper belt cleaning system offers a smooth, non-banding, trouble-free operation resulting from redesigned brackets providing a square bolt pattern with UHMW bushings on both sides, heavy duty blade design, easy “one side of the conveyor” maintenance as well as an all stainless steel mounting system, and tensioner. Learn more on our web site



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