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August 3, 2011

ASGCO Improves Operating Efficiency of Coal-Fired Power Plant’s Conveyor System



The tripper component of the coal handling conveyor system was a major issue for several reasons, with the current OSHA NEP combustible dust requirements, to address any airborne dust issues, being the top priority. Also the timeline for dismantling the existing conveyor system and installing the new tripper cars and transfer chutes was on tight schedule and had to be accomplished by dismantling them one at a time so at least one of the trippers could run during the day to fill the coal bunkers below.

Coal Fired Power Plant ConveyorSolution

Two new tripper cars were designed and modeled using ASGCO’s 3-DEM material modeling software for conveyor chute analysis. The new design allows the coal to be deposited into the bunkers or loaded back onto itself, all while moving in the same direction, speed and in the center of the receiving conveyor. The improved model enhances the flow of the coal and in combination with new internal wear liners also helps in stopping excess wear within the conveyor system. By using a combination of X-Wear conveyor wear liners, ceramic cylinders encased in rubber for the impact area and chromium carbide overlay plate (double pass and polished) we were also able to address the sliding abrasion issues inherent with the old design. The success of the new design is evident in the before and after pictures. The addition of clamp mount skirting, dust curtains and Skalper conveyor belt cleaners were also instrumental in further eliminating any dust and carry-back.


The newly installed transfer chutes now operate with improved coal flow through the tripper system without any buildup. Nearly all spillage as well as the airborne dust has been eliminated, as well as improved life of the wear liners.

Once implemented, the new design enabled the plant to not only meet, but exceed its goals for the project.
The overall project was a great success and ASGCO has once again provided a “Complete Conveyor Solution”.

Industry: Coal Fired Power Plant
Application: Dual Tripper conveyors carrying coal to bunkers
Material: Blend of Sub-Bituminous and Bituminous Coal 1″ minus
Product: 3-DEM Chute Design, Fabrication and Installation
Objective: Improve material flow, reduce airborne dust on tripper floor and improve life of internal wear liners
Detail: Two (side-by-side) tripper conveyors 36″ wide at 400′ FPM and 600 TPH that feed the coal bunkers below

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