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August 16, 2011

ASGCO Return Roll Changers Provide Safety for Conveyor Maintenance Crews

Return Roll Changer on a conveyor belt

At this copper mining operation, the return idlers that track the belt on the conveyor system were very hard to access. The only way to change the idlers on this 36” wide conveyor belt, was to clear out all of the material on the ground and rent a 135’ man lift to access the conveyor belt tracking return idlers. This was a very costly and time consuming procedure in both, lost production time and maintenance resources. The area was also unsafe during the replacement process – employees and equipment had to stay clear of potential falling debris and equipment. This prevented work to be done on the ground below as well.

Return Roll Changer on a copper mine conveyor belt

Replacing the standard return roll brackets with the Return Roll Changers allowed the maintenance personnel to safely remove the return idler from the catwalk. The Return Roll Changer also increases conveyor safety by providing pinch point protection between the idler and the belt while the conveyor is running.

With the new addition of the conveyor Return Roll Changers, no pry bars or hammers are needed to replace return idlers, even further reducing the possibility of injury. The maintenance worker replacing the idler does not have to put on a harness and crawl out on to the frame work of the conveyor structure in order to access the idlers. Utilizing the design of the idler hold down clips that are bolted in place, idlers are not able to pop out of the brackets and fall onto personnel or mobile equipment on the ground. The result is that the Return Roll Changers provide a safe, reliable, and ergonomic way for maintenance crews to change out return idlers.

Industry: Copper Mining Operation
Application: Hard to Access Return Idlers
Material: Copper Concentrate
Product: Return Roll Changers
Objective: Reduce down time with easy idler change out
Detail: 36” wide belt located approximately 110’ above the ground in an A-frame building with access to only one side of the conveyor.

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