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September 21, 2011

Iron shipping terminal protects workers with ASGCO Conveyor Guarding & Safety Equipment

Conveyor Flat Guard in application

Objective: To protect workers from all areas of conveyor systems that create a safety hazard, yet allow for easy removal of conveyor guarding, and replacement, when maintenance on the conveyor system is required.

Unguarded equipment before installation

Unguarded machinery

Before assessment:

Numerous tail sections, drives and take-ups were not adequately guarded allowing access to moving components. Some walkway areas also needed to be protected since they were between a permanent wall and the conveyor system(s). The facility also had multiple roadways and railroad tracks that passed underneath conveyors which posed a problem if any of the return idlers broke loose from their drop brackets.

Site assessment was completed, along with detailed drawings, for safety equipment and guarding placement. This will insure that all personnel and visitors are entering and working in a safe environment, while still being able to perform any PM or replacement issues that might arise.


Safe-Guard Modular Conveyor Flat Guard

Safe-Guard Modular Conveyor Flat Guard protecting workers from moving machinery

By using various standard sizes of the ASGCO Safe-Guard Modular Conveyor Flat Guards, we were able to protect the hazardous areas and still allow them access as needed by easily removing and replacing the lightweight powder coated panels. Conveyor guarding placement was achieved using both the existing structure and some minor modifications for floor mounts. With standard panels sizes implemented into the system, there was no need for special orders.

All overhead areas were secured using the ASGCO Safe-Guard Conveyor Return Idler Cage, which were easily mounted to the existing conveyor truss on a variety of belt widths. In these difficult to reach areas, where easy access is a major issue, the ASGCO Return Idler Cage has been an ideal selection.

Industry: Major Iron Ore Shipping and Handling Terminal on the Great Lakes.

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