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December 1, 2011

Fourthane® Provides Solution for Repairs of Conveyor Belt Covers and Mechanical Fasteners


A large longitudinal rip / grooving was noticed in the center section of a long overland steel cable conveyor belt.  This was caused by a faulty bearing on a belt turnover pulley that then allowed the top cover to be grooved by the conveyor structure and other mechanical components.  Damaged conveyor beltThe severity of the rip and damage was extremely alarming to the plant personal as this conveyor belt has a replacement cost of several million dollars.

ASGCO-Fourthane is a synthetic rubber/urethane composite that has superior adhesion characteristics to the original conveyor belt cover.  The product also has a high tensile strength, elasticity and impact resistance, formulated to be applied on conveyors that work under high impact and abrasion conditions.  The product allows rubber conveyor belt covers to be repaired in the field / on the system with very few tools and personnel required.  An additional benefit is that the product dries within 15 minutes after being applied and only needs 1 hour of cure time before the conveyor belt be run in normal production.

ASGCO-Fourthane, once cured, achieves the physical properties similar to that of the conveyor’s original rubber belt and allows production to resume on the conveyor system.  This repair system accomplished a cost effective way to repair  potentially several million dollars worth of damage. Fourthane has proven to be a large cost savings solution for the plant.

Contact us today to learn more. Or go the the Fourthane® Conveyor Belt Cover Repair System page on our web site.

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