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February 23, 2012

ASGCO Conveyor Impact Beds Provide Spillage Solutions for a Coal Peparation Plant

Conveyor Impact Beds

Problem: A coal preparation plant that handles over 13,000,000 tons of coal per year, had several issues with spillage in the various conveyor load zones throughout the plant. The spillage was created from the belt not being properly supported (too much sag between idlers) where the coal was being loaded. This caused many clean up and housekeeping issues as well as the conveyor belt tracking idlers not lasting as long and they should due to all of the material build-up in and around the rolls, which resulted in premature bearing failures.

ASGCO’s Impact Beds and Modular Impact Beds provide critical protection for the conveyor belt, as well as control spillage in the conveyor-loading zone to give maximum conveyor load zone support. Impact beds are custom built for multiple angles within the conveyor system.

  • Absorbs Impact – with our impact bars that are manufactured with absorbent, 40-durometer rubber that can really take the shock of large material.
  • Dustless Transfer – created by eliminating the gaps/sag in between the idlers as well as the vibration caused as the material is being loaded onto the receiving conveyor belt.
  • Modular Design – Impact beds can be manufactured in 2′ (600mm), 4′ (1200mm) or 5′ (1500mm) in length, depending on the size of the conveyor material impact area.

Conveyor Impact BedModular Conveyor Impact Bed

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