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October 16, 2012

ASGCO Providing Solutions to Sulphur Processing Plant’s Transfer Conveyor’s Belt Tracking Challenges

ASGCO Flat Tru-Trainer

A sulphur processing plant was having difficulty tracking their 24” transfer belt due to conveyor miss alignment and unleveled conveyor structure. These issues were causing short belt life, structural damages and loading challenges ultimately creating down time and costing precious operating moneys.

ASGCO created a sound solution to the customer’s tracking challenges by advising the need of leveling the conveyor’s structure and properly aligning the tail pulley. After structural corrections and pulley adjustments were made, we installed the ASGCO 24” Tru-Trainer “top-side pushing down”, (8’) prior to the tail pulley. This distance and mounting configuration allowed for the Tru-Trainer to mechanically train the belt from the “clean-side”(i.e. no material accumulation on the trainer’s lagging) and, gave the Tru-Trainer ample belt length to track prior to the transition of the pulley. The end performance: The ASGCO Tru-Trainer is now centering the transfer belt prior to the loading of material and keeping the belt from wandering thus eliminating costly conveyor structural damage.

Industry: Sulphur Palletizer and Sulphur Storage Processing
Application: Transfer Conveyor
Product: Sulphur Pallets
Objective: Conveyor Belt Tracking

Conveyor: 75 ft. long; 10% incline; 24-inch wide belt; 25-degree troughing idlers; conveyor runs intermittently

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