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September 5, 2013

ASGCO® Products Solve Fugitive Material Containment Problems at a Northwestern Coal Fired Power Plant


Northwestern Coal Fired Power Plant

ASGCO® Tru-Trainer® series of conveyor belt tracking idlers, Impact Cradle Beds”‘, X-Wear”‘ (AR) Internal Skirtboard Liners & Clamp-Mount”‘ Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System with Tri-Seal”‘

To contain the fugitive material by reducing airborne dust, controlling spillage and reducing or eliminating housekeeping issues.

This northwestern coal fired power plant was experiencing tremendous amounts of coal escaping through the load zone area. There were several issues that needed attention. The belt was mis-tracking in the impact area of the load zone and it was not fully supported due to impact rollers being used. Both situations resulted in excess spillage and airborne dust. 


ASGCO® Flat Return Tru-Trainers installed fifteen feet in front of the tail pulley will properly center the belt in the load zone. They also needed to support the belt in the load zone area in order to provide an effective sealing surface for the surrounding skirtboard. The installation of ASGCO® heavy Duty Impact Cradle Beds were recommended to replace the rollers in order to reduce airborne dust and spillage. The skirting area needed to be reconstructed. Inside we would mount our ASGCO® angled wear liners to keep the coal off of the skirting. We then could properly seal up the system by using our Clamp-Mount”‘ with Tri-seal”‘ Skirtboard Sealing Systems

The customer was cleaning Conveyor 2B every day. After the installation of ASGCO®’s Slide-N-Roll”‘ Conveyor Impact Bed, Clamp-Mount Skirtboard Sealing System with Tri-seal’” and Tru-Trainer® Flat Return Belt Tracking Idlers, their clean-up regiment is now once every three weeks. The cost savings from dramatically minimizing the clean-up time and the additional benefit of having a cleaner and safer environment, has more than paid for the upgrade. In the past year the customer has been upgrading many of their conveyor systems with proven ASGCO® products.

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