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Conveyor Engineering Services

ASGCO MANUFACTURING, INC. uses proven engineering, design and technology to provide our customers with the best solutions to their conveyor bulk material handling systems. We are focused on providing solutions for spillage and fugitive dust control in load zone transfer points, conveyor design analysis, belt feeder conveyors and improving the overall efficiency and safety of bulk material handling conveyor systems and belt feeder conveyors that optimize overall conveyor system performance.

Bulk material handling systems engineering services

Bulk material handling systems engineering services

Our years of practical bulk material handling knowledge and engineering capabilities not only improve our customers productivity and efficiency, but reduce excessive (combustible) dust, material spillage, chute plugging, unnecessary downtime, and conveyor belt wear.

ASGCO provides complete transfer point with our design using 3-DEMâ„¢ chute and transfer point design software. This software integrates computer aided design (CAD) and Discrete Element Methods (DEM) as a design tool to increase the efficiencies of conveyor bulk material handling transfer points, 3-DEMâ„¢ is a revolutionary way to handle granular and particulate material problems through computer simulation.

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