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ASGCO 3-DEM Analysis



The driving force behind this project was initiated out of a safety issue. The existing bucket design would require 3 to 4 operators to manually flip the buckets, which would put the operators in a dangerous position, as the buckets are very heavy and could cause an injury during the process of flipping the bucket to change direction. Therefore, corrective actions resulting from an incident investigation were to redesign and re-engineer the bucket to enable the bucket wheel to change direction without flipping the buckets. Due to the split design of the new bucket, the challenge was to ensure the same tonnage would flow thru the bucket without any restriction.


The existing bucket wheel was modeled and a 3-DEM analysis was performed to establish a baseline of existing performance levels. We then incorporated the client’s models of the new split bucket design into the 3-DEM simulation and then compared the differences between the two designs and provided data to the client to show the results of the simulations. The client was able to view the results and make modifications to their design to improve the material flow and capacity.


After the new split buckets were installed on the bucket reclaimer, they were able to realize the time-savings of not having the maintenance downtime to flip the buckets, while maintaining the same capacity. They also found another benefit to the split bucket was that it evened out the distribution of the material on the belt, previously with the original bucket, when the material was transferred to the conveyor belt it would leave piles of material on the belt and, with the split bucket the material was more evenly distributed on the belt. Therefore, reducing the impact and wear on the belt.


ASGCO’s Impact Bed Cradles prevent large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts and bucket teeth from stopping your operation!

Impact Bed Cradles

ASGCO Impact Bed Cradles

ASGCO’s Impact Bed Cradles (patent pending) are designed to provide protection to your conveyor belt from impact damage. Our modular style impact beds provide protection for the conveyor belt, as well as a tool to help control spillage in the conveyor-loading zone. Our unique, semi-U-shaped design supports the conveyor belt across the entire width – eliminating any unsupported areas between the rollers or bars found on traditional impact idlers or traditional impact beds where typical damage can occur in the idler junction points. The Impact Bed Cradles consist of a heavy-duty frame with removable (Slide-in or Slide-out) sides with center sections for ease of installation and maintenance.

Product Features:

  • Impact Bed Cradles - no pinch point or idler junction area utilizing our 17.5° bars for 35° idler systems; 10° degree bars for 20° idler systems and 22.5° degree bars for 45° idler systems.
  • Absorbs Impact - with heavy-duty steel designed framework and our impact bars that are manufactured with absorbent, 40-durometer rubber that can really take the shock of large material.
  • Modular Design - cradles can be manufactured in 2′ (600mm), 3’ (900mm), 4′ (1200mm) or 5′ (1500mm) long, depending upon the size of your material impact area.

Available in either Standard duty (1,000 ft/lbs of impact) or Mine duty (2,000 ft/lbs of impact).


Wear Liners – Extending the life of your conveyor

Bulk handling conveyor belts have many applications in today’s mining and quarry industries. Because of their reliability, versatility, and range of capacities;  belt conveyors are the most common type of bulk handling conveyor belt system. Wear Liners are designed to be an integral part of any bulk handling conveyor system. They eliminate spillage and prolong skirt board and belt life; by preventing fugitive material from escaping, damage is prevented to the conveyor loading areas. Read moreRead more